Local Cake Decorating Classes

Find details of cake decorating classes in your local area.  Simply select your state and then, if need be, your city.  Looking for a specific type of cake decorating class?  Why not try the tags found in the side bar for states and cities to find classes in that area.


Cake Decorating Classes in Arizona featuring ABC Cake Decorating Supplies

... featuring ABC Cake Decorating Supplies

ABC Cake Decorating Supplies offers Wilton and specialty cake decorating classes in Phoenix.  ABC Cake Decorating has been in business since 1965, providing one-stop shopping for home bakers. Core Wilton ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Arkansas featuring The Blue Cake Company

... featuring The Blue Cake Company

The Blue Cake Company in Little Rock offers cake decorating classes for adults and children.  Blue Cake is a bakery that makes desserts, cookies, dessert cakes, and special occasion cakes--from scratch ...


Cake Decorating Classes in California featuring Calico Cake Shop

... featuring Calico Cake Shop

Calico Cake Shop in Buena Park offers cake decorating classes; makes special order cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candy favors; and sells supplies for home decorators and bakers. Cake decorating courses consist ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Colorado featuring Cake Crafts

... featuring Cake Crafts

Cake Crafts has a full schedule of cake decorating, dessert, and candy making classes.  It is also a wholesale and retail vendor of cake decorating, candy making, and bakery supplies. Cake decorating ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Connecticut featuring Cake Decorating with Kathy Mack

... featuring Cake Decorating with Kathy Mack

  Learn how to decorate a cake for all occasions. You don't have to be a professional baker to decorate a great cake. Start with the basics and learn how to ice a cake and use a piping bag to make ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Florida featuring D & G Occasions

... featuring D & G Occasions

D & G Occasions has served Florida since 1987.  They hold cake and candy decorating classes and are a major resource for candy making, baking, and decorating supplies.  Their online store and ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Georgia featuring Cake Art PartyStore

... featuring Cake Art PartyStore

Cake Art has been offering cake and candy decorating classes, and selling cake decorating and candy making supplies, since 1977.  Their Wilton Method Instructors have an average of over 10 years ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Hawaii featuring Cake Creations Dessert Haven

... featuring Cake Creations Dessert Haven

The professional cake designers of Cake Creations Dessert Haven make cakes to order and offer Cake Design Classes for all skill levels.  Located in Honolulu, Cake Creations has been in business in Hawaii ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Idaho featuring Karen's Cake Shoppe

... featuring Karen's Cake Shoppe

Karen Cook, owner of Karen's Cake Shoppe, offers ongoing cake decorating classes at Michaels, in Coeur d'Alene, and North Idaho College, in Post Falls.  Karen has been decorating cakes for over 25 years. ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Illinois featuring Give Me Some Sugar

... featuring Give Me Some Sugar

Give Me Some Sugar is well-known for the hands-on instruction provided by Chef Alekka and her staff.  They specialize in group and private cake decorating classes and in-home cooking instruction.  ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Indiana featuring Corner Cake Class

... featuring Corner Cake Class

Teresa Malkemus, Wilton Method Instructor, teaches Wilton Cake Decorating courses and workshops at the Hobby Lobby in Bloomington.  She also schedules special classes for groups of four or more, held in ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Maryland featuring Just Cakes

... featuring Just Cakes

Just Cakes in Bethesda is a restaurant, cafe, and bakery, specializing in cake decorating classes and parties for adults and children. Just Cakes makes custom cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pies, and more, for ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Massachusetts featuring Lorraine's Cake Decorating & Candy Supplies

... featuring Lorraine's Cake Decorating & Candy Supplies

Lorraine's School of Cake Decorating in Hanover offers cake decorating and candy making classes, for adults and children.  The school was founded over 30 years ago by professional cake decorator, Lorraine ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Michigan featuring Miles Cake, Candy & Bakers Supplies

... featuring Miles Cake, Candy & Bakers Supplies

Miles Cake, Candy & Bakers' Supplies offer a wide variety of cake, cookie, and candy classes and demonstrations--for all ages and skill levels. They have supplied cake decorating, cookie making, and candy ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Mississippi featuring Sweet Stuff

... featuring Sweet Stuff

At Sweet Stuff one can attend cake decorating classes, purchase candy making and cake decorating supplies, wedding cake ornaments, bridal accessories, wedding supplies, and more.  Sweet Stuff also creates ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Missouri featuring Cake Decorating Fun

... featuring Cake Decorating Fun

Wilton cake decorating classes are taught by Wilton Method Instructor, Jeanine Hanson, at the Hobby Lobby in the Northlands, Kansas City.  Jeanine has over 16 years teaching experience.  She offers ...

New Jersey

Cake Decorating Classes in New Jersey featuring Pink Cake Box

... featuring Pink Cake Box

Pink Cake Box is a custom by appointment only bakery which specializes in wedding cakes, cookie favors, cupcakes, and specialty cakes. We offer decorating classes for cakes, cookies and cupcakes ranging from ...

New York

Cake Decorating Classes in New York featuring Desirable cake

... featuring Desirable cake

The Desirable cake in New York offers cake decorating classes for adults. Students learn everything from buttercream to fondant to gumpaste. We bring top instructor's from all over the world to the Desirable ...

North Carolina

Cake Decorating Classes in North Carolina featuring Crawford's Creations

... featuring Crawford's Creations

Crawford's Creations offers cake decorating classes all year round, provides made-to-order desserts, and sells cake decorating supplies. Students may choose from a broad selection of topics and arrange a ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Ohio featuring Cincinnati Cake & Candy Supplies

... featuring Cincinnati Cake & Candy Supplies

Cincinnati Cake & Candy Supplies offers classes with step-by-step instructions for baking, cake decorating, and candy making.  They also specialize in supplying the latest in cake decorating, candy ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Oregon featuring My Cake Class

... featuring My Cake Class

My Cake Class offers Wilton Cake Decorating Courses and Project Classes at the Michael's store in Springfield, Oregon.   Carolyn Alexander, Wilton Method Instructor, provides full details about ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Pennsylvania featuring Julie Bashore's School of Cake Decorating

... featuring Julie Bashore's School of Cake Decorating

Julie Bashore's School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art in Lancaster provides classes and courses for all levels of aspiring cake decorators and sugar artists.  Julie Bashore, an award-winning ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Tennessee featuring Susie's Pretty Petals

... featuring Susie's Pretty Petals

Susie's Pretty Petals offers Wilton Cake Decorating Classes, and sells Wilton cake books, cake supplies, and candy making supplies.  Serving the community for over 20 years, Susie's Petals is also a full ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Texas featuring Patty Cakes Decorating

... featuring Patty Cakes Decorating

Patty Cakes Decorating is a shop specializing in cake decorating instruction and supplies.  Sheryl Robinson, owner and teacher, has been a Wilton Method Instructor for over 10 years.  Sheryl aims to ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Utah featuring Be The Icing on the Cake

... featuring Be The Icing on the Cake

The Icing on the Cake Decorating Classes are taught by Lindsey, at Provo Bakery.  Lindsey, who has over 10 years experience decorating cakes, believes that anyone can make and decorate attractive cakes ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Virginia featuring Creative Touch

... featuring Creative Touch

The Creative Touch, a family-owned store in Newport News, has offered cake decorating classes and supplies for over 25 years.  Their inventory includes supplies for creating cakes, candies, cookies, and ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Wisconsin featuring Maria's Wilton Cake Decorating Classes

... featuring Maria's Wilton Cake Decorating Classes

Maria's Wilton Cake Decorating Classes are offered at several store locations, in and near West Bend, Wisconsin.  Maria is a Wilton Method Instructor who has taught hundreds of students since 2005. Maria ...


Cake Decorating Classes in Online featuring YummyArts Cake and Cookie Decorating

... featuring YummyArts Cake and Cookie Decorating

At YummyArts you will find a complete online cake decorating resource. No matter what your skill level, if you are interested in cake decorating, YummyArts have something to offer you. For those looking to ...